Restoring Your Eyesight With Cataract Surgery

19 July 2022
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Issues that have the potential to impact a person's eyesight can be among the most devastating health problems that people may experience as they can deprive them of one of their most important senses. Cataracts can be an especially common condition that many people will experience as they age.

Does An Eye Cataract Surgery Procedure Provide Lasting Results For Patients?

Undergoing a cataract surgery procedure can be necessary for restoring your sight as it will allow the clouded lens in the eye to be replaced. Unfortunately, there are patients that will not make the commitment to undergo this treatment due to thinking that the results of the cataract surgery will only be temporary. In reality, this is a procedure that will permanently eliminate cataracts from your eyes, and the replacement lenses will not be vulnerable to developing protein accumulations so that a patient will no longer have to worry about this threat to their vision.

Is Cataract Surgery A Painful Procedure To Undergo? 

Patients that need surgery will often have an understandable concern about the amount of discomfort or pain that they can reasonably expect during their procedure. Eye cataract surgery will not cause major pain to the patient as local anesthetics and numbing eye drops can be used to prevent the patient from feeling anything during this procedure. In the days after the surgery, the patient may be slightly sore, but any tenderness in their eyes will pass over the few days after the procedure. Sensitivity to light can be one of the side effects of this procedure that will take the longest to heal, and individuals should invest in a quality pair of sunglasses until their vision has recovered.

How Long Will A Patient Have Before The Cataract Surgery Becomes Unavoidable?

While the recovery from cataract surgery will typically be fairly short, it can still be disruptive for a patient to need to undergo this procedure. This can lead to individuals wanting to delay this surgery for as long as possible so that they can avoid this disruption. The rate that a cataract will develop can vary from one patient to another. However, most individuals will be able to use prescription eye drops to slow the growth of cataracts, and this will delay their need to undergo this procedure for as long as possible. In some cases, a patient may be able to go for years before this surgery becomes necessary, and regular eye exams can help to catch this problem before it becomes severe.