Vision Concerns You Need To Pay Attention To And Have Treated

3 March 2022
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Your vision is invaluable and not something you should ever take for granted. You need to protect and take care of your vision as best as you can. If you are experiencing vision issues, you need to have them treated by the optometrist. Read on for some vision concerns you should be paying attention to and should go to the optometrist to have treated properly.

Eye Discharge

It's common to have some eye discharge, but when it's happening frequently and excessively, or your eye discharge is not the usual off-white color, and is green or yellow, you need to have it examined and treated as needed. Discharge that is in excess or is discolored can be a sign of an eye infection. You need to keep your hands out of your eyes, you need to stop wearing your contact lenses immediately, and you should also stop wearing eye makeup for the time being until your eye infection is cleared up.


A stye is a bacterial infection that is usually caused when you touch your eyes with dirty hands. It can also occur from sharing makeup brushes with others, or from not washing your face properly. If you have a stye, it's a bump on the eye, or sometimes in the eye. The stye may be red or flesh-colored, and it can affect your vision, or feel like you have something in your eye constantly. It needs to be treated properly, which is why you should get to the optometrist for treatment. You can also apply a warm compress to your eye to help with inflammation or any pain you may feel.

Vision Loss

Vision loss, even minor, should send you to the optometrist for an exam and for treatment. Your vision loss may require that you wear corrective lenses, or you could need surgery depending on the severity of the loss of your vision. If you have a major vision loss, it could be a retinal detachment, which could have been caused by an injury or accident of some sort. If you have vision loss, you need to go in for treatment.

If you have experienced any of these vision concerns, don't ignore them and get to the optometrist and get an exam and treatment as needed. Make an appointment with the optometrist if you are experiencing any type of concerning vision issue that needs attention. Ignoring vision concerns can worsen your vision, or cause further eye issues and may be irreversible. 

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