5 Signs You Need To Schedule An Eye Exam

7 April 2021
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It is important for all adults to schedule annual eye exams to check for eye diseases and other issues. Going to see the eye doctor might not be the most exciting event in the world, but it is a necessary one. Here are several signs you should schedule an exam.

Your Eyesight Is Getting Worse

If you find yourself squinting to see the text on your television or read road signs, your vision could be declining. Poor vision can make it more difficult to perform normal activities, like reading a book or driving, and cause eye strain. In this case, it is necessary to schedule an exam and get fitted for eyeglasses or contacts.

Your Eyes Are Very Dry

Dry eye affects many adults and can lead to unpleasant symptoms, like burning, redness, and scratchiness. It's not an easy condition to live with, so you should have an eye doctor check it out promptly. Once your eye doctor determines the culprit of your dry eye, they will suggest the appropriate treatment. For example, they may prescribe you eye drops.

You Have a High Chance of Developing Eye diseases

Some people are more susceptible to developing eye diseases than others. For instance, if people in your family suffer from eye diseases, like glaucoma or cataracts, you have a higher chance of getting diagnosed with the conditions. In this situation, you should schedule regular eye exams.

You Suffer From Eye Pain

It is not abnormal to experience eye pain from time to time. However, if the pain persists after a day, it is a cause for concern. For example, you may have a corneal abrasion. To prevent the problem from getting worse, schedule an eye exam promptly.

You Can't Recall When You Last Got Your Eyes Checked

If you can't remember the last time you had an eye exam, it is time to call your eye doctor. While your vision may seem fine right now, you could have an eye disease. Conditions like cataracts and glaucoma rarely show symptoms initially and gradually get worse. If your eye doctor discovers an eye disease early, they can treat it a lot easier.

If any of these situations apply to you, don't wait to schedule an eye exam. Maintaining good vision is crucial and should not be taken for granted. If you visit the eye doctor regularly, you can protect your eyes.

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