Tips For Keeping Glasses On Young Children

15 April 2016
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Using glasses for vision correction in young children can be vital for their developmental needs. Being able to see properly improves both gross and fine motor skills, and there are many other benefits of being able to see clearly. However, the issue with toddlers and preschoolers can be keeping the glasses on. The following tips can help you manage this task.

Tip #1: Give them ownership

For some children, simply having the power to select their glasses can make them want to wear them, so let them have some say in the frames they wear. Even something as small as picking out the color of the frames can go a long way toward making the glasses something they want to wear.

Tip #2: Get a selection of straps

Eyeglass straps help hold the glasses on securely. These typically have a bead that is used to tighten the strap in the back so it fits snugly against the head. Straps are available in a variety of different materials, from rope and rubber to softer cotton fabrics. Your child can even find straps featuring favorite character prints. Since straps are relatively inexpensive, you may want to select several so your child has a choice, which will further give them ownership of their glasses. You can then present your child with two straps each morning and let them choose which to wear

Tip #3: Try clear straps

For some kids, straps are a must but they don't like how they feel or look. Clear straps may be a better choice, since these hold the glasses on but are nearly invisible. There are varieties that snap closed in the back with a magnet, which can be dangerous if a young child swallows them. Instead, choose a clear strap that has a clip. These straps feel slightly different, since the clear tubing is exceptionally lightweight and also because they are designed not to have the excess hanging down the back.

Tip #4: Use a neck chain

Straps may not be the best choice for a far sighted child, since they primarily need their glasses only for close work. In this case, try a neck chain or a regular strap with the bead removed so it doesn't fit snugly. This way the glasses will remain around your child's neck when they remove them, instead of being set aside and lost.

For more help with children's eyeglasses, whether it is keeping them on or simply choosing the best pair, contact an optometrist in your area, such as those at Vision Eyeland Super Optical LLC.