How To Make Wearing Your Glasses Easier And More Comfortable

10 July 2015
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Wearing your glasses can be an awesome experience because you are able to accessorize your face at all times, but it can also be frustrating. Your glasses might not always fit right because you might have fallen asleep while wearing them or taken them off with only one hand, causing them to bend against your head. Luckily, there are some easy ways to fix your problems with your glasses without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

1. Your Glasses Slip Down Your Nose

If you find that your glasses continually are slipping down your nose, this means that the arms that hold your glasses are not strong enough behind your ears to hold your glasses in place. In order to resolve this problem, heat up the arms of your glasses so that they are more malleable. Then, put them on your head. Make sure that the glasses are not too hot before you put them on. Adjust your glasses so they are fitting where you want them to be all of the time. Then, use your hands to bend the ends of the arms of your glasses so that they fit more tightly behind your ears. This will reduce the chances of your glasses falling down you nose.

2. The Nose Piece of Your Glasses Digs Into Your Nose

If you are wearing glasses that have a metal frame and you find that whenever you take your glasses off there are marks on your nose, then your nose piece might be too tight. Use pliers to slowly bend each side of the nose piece back so it is no longer too tight.

If you adjust the nose piece to your satisfaction and it is still uncomfortable, go to the store and purchase a pair of cheap earplugs that are made out of foam. Take them home and cut the earplugs down so that they are roughly the same size as either side of your nose piece. Using a hot glue gun, fasten one to each side of your nose piece. You might need to adjust the nose piece to make room for the additional material. This will provide a buffer between your nose and the nose piece.

3. Your Glasses Are Always Smudged

If you find that your glasses are always smudged, purchase some professional glass cleaner. This cleaner will increase the protection against random items that might get stuck to your glasses. 

Talk to a local eye doctor, like EyeCare About Vegas: Dr. R Dougal Morrison & Dr. Christopher Coker,  for more information about how to make your glasses more comfortable.