Mulling Over A Choice Between Glasses Or Contacts

11 March 2015
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Whether you've been wearing glasses for most of your life or have recently entered the world of correcting vision impairment, the choice between glasses or contacts can be a difficult one. Comfort and fashion are often at odds during the glasses debate, but before you decide based on personal fears and assumptions, have a discussion with yourself and your friends on a few of the following talking points for glasses. You might even decide to use both.

What Do Glasses Say About A Person?

Once upon a time, glasses told a story of bookish appearance, intelligence, or the often reviled appearance of a nerd. Modern glasses have become far more sleek and fashionable, but social traditions sometimes give the wrong idea to those new to the glasses scene.

True enough, there may be a few people who cling to the old idea of glasses being a negative mark in the world of fashion. Thankfully, the right frames for your face can negate most of the bad effects and bring in a whole new world of good.

Many people wear fake glasses (frames with non-medical lenses inside) to give the appearance of authority and intelligence. Parallel to the nerd appeal of glasses is the idea that the person wearing glasses really is smart. A smart looking pair of rimless glasses on a person who knows how to dress, is in reasonable physical shape, or both, can give an amazing advantage when it comes to first impressions.

Are Contacts A Bad Idea?

If you absolutely don't want to wear glasses or have worn glasses for too long, contacts are another option. Instead of wearing a pair of frames on your face, the signs of your vision impairment can be hidden by placing safe lenses over your eyes.

For some it isn't a big deal. Simply place the lenses over your eyes. They're easy to remove and can even change your eye color if you ask for a different iris color lens.

For others, the idea of intentionally putting something against their eye is terrifying. Even if a person is okay with the idea in theory, their body may have a strong aversion to such threats. Involuntary movements such as hand shaking, excessive blinking, or being unable to move the hand far enough for the final placement can happen to a person who absolutely wants to wear contacts.

Weigh these options heavily with yourself, your friends and family if you're unable to decide. Just to be safe, eye exams are available from optometrists like Complete Family Vision Care who know far more about the practical and cultural aspects of eye wear and style. Schedule an appointment and make a decision--you could make it easy by choosing both options.