Is Your Optometry Office Closing? What You Should Do Now

26 February 2015
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Sadly, optometry practices are closing in every area. Do you know what to do if you learn that your optometrist is closing down his or her practice for good? Here, you will learn how to prepare for the practice closing and what to do if your optometrist has closed down without you knowing.

Before the Closing

If you have gotten word that the optometrist is closing the practice, it is important that you take a moment and contact the office. When optometry offices close, they send the patient files to a new optometrist. You want to inquire where your files are going. This will give you the opportunity to collect your file and take it to the optometrist of your choosing, or know who to call when you need assistance with your vision needs.

Talk with the office about the warranties on the glasses that you own. In many cases, the warranty will remain, but you will have to take them to the optometrist that is taking over the contracts.

Ask to have your contact lens prescription double-checked and get a written copy of it. This is especially true if you have changed brands of contact lenses since your last examination. If the contact lens prescription on file is different than what you have been wearing, you will not be able to order the new lenses that you prefer without having another examination and prescription written.

After the Closing

If you had no idea that the practice was closing until you tried to contact the office for assistance, it can be difficult to know how to proceed. If the optometry practice was a part of a large chain store, you can contact another optometry office of the same chain and find out where the files had been forwarded to. If it was a private practice, it can be very difficult to find out where your files went. The best place to start is by contacting other local optometry offices and inquiring about the situation. Chances are, you will find at least one that can help you track down your files.

Online Ordering of Vision Products

If you try to order contacts or glasses off of the Internet after the optometry practice has closed, be sure to use the new optometry practice's contact information for your prescription. Failing to do so will cause your order to be put on hold until the prescription can be confirmed.

These types of transitions can be difficult, but knowing what to do can make them a little easier. Use the above information to make the transition a little smoother for you and your family. Contact a company like Vision Associates of Marlboro for more information.